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Final work in Photoshop April 23, 2009

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The is my final picture for are project 3 work.clones


The Tiger and the Duck

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Heres another look at using other tools in photoshop.tigerandtheduck2


The start of something new April 16, 2009

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We just went throught a little snip it of how to use Photoshop and are next project this is one small thing i worked on in class

The new project that were doing, which i’m so excited for is using five photos of some without moving your camera and paste and layer them in a smooth process on Photoshop 

.circular quay


Officially Done April 3, 2009

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So far from the moment of leaving class are ABC book is done. It was a long processes of geting the pages together on one computer a placinging them in order, but it was worth it. The only problem we had was some of the files wouldnt show up on the pdf but the problem was fix and returnted in. We also have the opportunitiy to sell and buy are book. Which is an awesome opportunity in deed.


Almost there! March 30, 2009

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So far we are on are last editing of are ABC books and close to actually printing them out. Are book is coming out good seeing how theres five of us creating something to look very similliar when put together. The other groups books are so far awsome the fish book is so cute. I would buy it and my groups too.


InDesign March 15, 2009

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In class we have started using InDesign to insert the text within are illustrator works that we have finished last week.  We have choosen two different fonts in the book. The titles are Broken Planewing while the main text is less formal then the titles.


Next Step March 9, 2009

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So far we are done with illustrator and moving on to InDesign. To set up the words. So far we havnt choosen a font style but its in the working. The title texts for each spell will be the same but the actual text of the spells will be in a more readable or less formal font to be understood.