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Our ABC Book March 9, 2009

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We have choosen are subject and title.
We are looking up spell or just making them up along the way if we cant find the beinging of the letters. Are title is Witchopdia. To me is seems clever.

Are style is based on a tapstry. Is a very simple, flat colored style. The images are stright to the point. So far we are on a roll.


Apple a day February 26, 2009

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To create this apple we had to use the pen tool but also the grid were we we’re able to add the different color variations on the apples skin.



Vecter Guitar February 12, 2009

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Today we used the pen tool in illustrator, it is the most frustrating tool that was ever created. We had to take a guitar found on the internet and recreate it. This is my out come:


Vector Guitar

Vector Guitar


original guitar

original guitar


Hello world! February 5, 2009

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So far in Design 2 class we were introducted to illustrator.

 We used vector to recreate a drawn picture, which was a cell phone. So far the program seems good but cant beat photoshop.

But illustrator seems more complexs in certain ways then any other adobe programs.


Vector Cell Phone

Vector Cell Phone